You’ve made a significant investment of time and resources; you’ve built an app you think can improve your customers’ experience of your services; and you’re all ready to launch what should be a transformative piece of software for your business.

Stop and think. Because there are some very common mistakes to avoid when launching any mobile app – and if you don’t, that great idea and all that effort to bring it to fruition might just be for nothing.

Building an app is one thing; marketing it is another. The best app in the world will only deliver benefit if it reaches its audience, and the old cliché is true: you only get one chance to make a first important.

So first things first: don’t leave it too late to market your app. Marketing should be an on-going objective throughout the development stage. It needs to be a priority from the start of the project. Who is the audience for the app? To what messages will they most respond? How can you ensure those messages reach them? Setting up a timeline for marketing can help you be more organised and structured in your approach.

The second mistake often occurs at this stage: not doing enough research on the target audience. It’s vital to understand your core users and how they can benefit from your app. Unless you secure good intelligence on your target audience, your app simply won’t work for them as it should. Don’t be afraid to get very specific: although it may be easier to market to a broader audience, having a clearly defined “user profile” can increase retention and conversion rates.

Make that relationship two-way, however. At launch, ensure your app includes a function for users to provide feedback. Not utilising a Reviews & Ratings functionality is a common error that can really damage take-up – after all, users are more likely to download your app if it has good reviews and ratings. On top of this, app store algorithms take into account user ratings in order to rank apps. Encouraging – and enabling – positive reviews is therefore essential. Don’t neglect this!

Finally, ensure that you maintain and update your app. From the moment of launch, start improving your app – and make this commitment clear. Inconveniences and bugs must be fixed in order to retain existing and attract new, users. Apps that lack functionality, or do not perform as they should, will simply push users to competitor apps.

In short, don’t simply release your app into the wild. Think about how it is going to find a home with users – and how you can persuade those users to stay. There are a lot of apps out there. Avoiding these mistakes when launching your app will give yours the edge.

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