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Developing user-first mobile apps

Design an app that nails the perfect user experience, and you’re well on the road to success. 

Our team of developers have years of experience creating bespoke digital solutions that meet and surpass the goals of our clients. 

We all know that integrating apps into a business can significantly enhance efficiency while improving business performance. But that’s not all they do. A brilliantly designed app can enhance your brand, build better customer relationships and ultimately generate additional revenue. 

Our team are experts in the design and development of native iOS and Android apps. We work with businesses of all sizes – from start-ups looking to launch a new app, to big corporations wanting to adopt them into existing processes. 

Our aim is always to build apps that build business.

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UX Design

User experience (UX) is critical to good app development because users want tools that deliver maximum value. Whether an app is customer-facing or an internal tool, if it is easy and enjoyable to access then it will deliver greater benefit for all.

That’s why at ImagePlus we focus on the user first. By understanding their needs, goals and the user journey, we can build a product that will encourage adoption and loyalty. We consider the user and their habits, balance brand values with business goals, and design a customer experience that will ensure the app becomes a daily staple of every user’s workflow.

UI/UX Design

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App services

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Building Native Solutions

Apps built specifically for the platform on which they run provide the best performance for the end user. Native apps operate faster, smoother and more responsively than the alternatives.

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Connecting Software with Hardware 

In building for a particular operating system, developers can target and integrate best with the device’s hardware. Developers can make optimum use of key features such as battery, biometrics, haptics, GPS, camera, gyroscope and microphones.

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Bespoke Solutions for Our Client’s Needs

We build mobile apps that respond directly to our clients’ particular and discrete needs. No one process is the same, and no one need is identical. Off-the-shelf solutions won’t always fully fill the business gap. 

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User-Focused Design

Our apps are designed to offer the most control possible over the user experience. This focus on the customer journey will ensure that users love your app and want to use it more and more.

UI/UX Design

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Why Us?

Mobile app development builds tools that users can trust. This in turn delivers serious business benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, revenue generation and customer loyalty. In other words, a good mobile app can help your business thrive.

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