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Email marketing

Talking to your customers through carefully worded emails is a brilliant way to remind them who you are and what you offer – from telling them about your business news to sending out special offers. 

You only have around ten seconds to entice someone into reading an email before they lose interest. We pride ourselves on delivering quality email marketing that delivers above-average open rates and does the job it intends to do. 

We can help you make your email marketing a valuable business tool, keeping your customers loyal and informed, resulting in people who are likely to trust you, buy from you and also recommend you.

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How Can ImagePlus Help Your Email Marketing?

The best email marketing is attractive. Our team understands how to make marketing materials that are worth clicking on, and can deliver return business. We’ll design, set up and create your email marketing account through intuitive services such as MailChimp, arming you with the tools you need to undertake successful ongoing campaigns.

We’ll also monitor performance, reporting on key insights such as open rates and new subscribers and suggesting improvements to drive greater results.  And we can integrate your email marketing system with your website, too, to save extra work when new subscribers sign up.

Good email marketing is a continual conversation, a relationship with your customers that is built over time and becomes a seamless element of your business.  We can help you build the infrastructure and deliver the right campaigns to power that process.  

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