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SEO and Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your webpages higher up the online list. We know that finding and keeping customers can be tough, so using SEO to keep you ahead of your competitors online can be crucial. 

Our SEO knowledge puts your business in front of the right people at the right time. We’re tech experts too, so if any SEO issues crop up, we’re here to resolve them quickly for you and provide any guidance you might need along the way.

Building on this, we can help you to measure your success online with Google analytics. This clever and powerful tool tracks all-important metrics, like visitor numbers, location and intelligent insights to improve your online offering. It helps any business, whatever the size, to gain insights and make continuous improvements.

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Digital Marketing services

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Working With Our SEO Team

Just as SEO should be tailored to the client, so are our SEO packages, whether it’s a monthly retainer arrangement or a one-off short project approach.  We cover all bases, from SEO Audits to complete all-platform digital marketing strategies.

We will help you understand how well your website copy, images and videos are performing, we’ll show you who you need to beat online in your area of the market and we’ll tell you the best phrases and keywords to focus on so your target audience can always find you.  

Whichever SEO service you require, our packages are always built around your specific needs. 

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SEO research

‘Doing’ SEO: How We Go About It

We like to start by gathering a full picture of your brand and your website’s performance as well as gaining an understanding of the wider industry in which your business sits.  These pillars support every successful SEO strategy and the journey begins with:  

  1. SEO Audit.
  2. Competitive Analysis.
  3. Keyword Research.

Each of these steps build the foundations of our understanding. The SEO audit checks a site’s technical performance, on- and off-page elements, and traffic and user behaviour and, crucially, highlights any issues that might be holding your site back.  Our competitive analysis assesses other businesses in your marketplace, identifies reasons for their success and any weaknesses in their approach. And our keyword research arrives at detailed knowledge of which users are searching for what keyphrases and where.

Put all together, we’ll then create a bespoke – and successful – SEO strategy to get your business working harder, and growing faster, online.   

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