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Social media marketing

Scrolling and posting on social media have become a part of everyday life for a lot of us. But amongst the millions of blogs, memes and cat videos out there, how do you get your business noticed? 

You can’t just wing it. Well, you can if you don’t want results. 

Our social media specialists craft strategies and roll out effective campaigns which not only put your business in the spotlight, but are flexible to respond to changes in your area of business as needed. And of course, they track and analyse the results so you know that we are delivering against your investment.

It’s a competitive and noisy world of social media out there, but we’ll cut through any complexity to help you find who your customers are, where they are looking, and what they are talking about – whether that’s by an organic or paid approach on social.

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How Can ImagePlus Help With Organic Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is present everywhere. Ignoring it for business purposes leaves a powerful resource untapped but by working with us you can build your social media presence smartly, safely and successfully.

Working together, we will build a social media strategy that fits your brand. We’ll create content calendars, draft posts, and schedule them. We’ll undertake social media account management, setting up your accounts and design social media layouts to link with your branding. And we’ll report on insights and decide on improvements to gain better engagement in the future. 

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How can ImagePlus help with paid social media ?

Paid social activity takes the form of advertisements on social media platforms.  Each platform has different rules, features and audiences and we can help you choose what’s best for you.  

We can test particular ads on particular platforms, refining and developing to achieve improved performance. And we can report on that progress regularly, informing ongoing decision-making.

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be as daunting as it can sometimes seem. There’s a route to market there, and together we’ll find yours.

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