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AR & VR Applications

Give your business the edge by staying ahead of the latest digital developments. AI, AR and VR are in fast progression and have big potential.  

Augmented reality (AR) utilises computer-generated images to overlay enhancements on the user’s view of reality. Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of an environment or three-dimensional image which immerses the user into the media. Both can offer brilliant opportunities for mobile apps.
AR and VR apps are often used for entertainment purposes, but there’s also huge potential for them to be used for businesses and commerce. They can be highly beneficial for creating deeper engagement or increasing productivity and they can also provide more visualised access to services, for training or other options. The options are endless.

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How Do AR and VR Differ?

Augmented Reality overlays digital assets onto real-world environments. This provides a whole new way for users to interact with media. Augmented Reality technology is considered to be autonomous as it is not dependent on particular hardware: in other words, a standard mobile phone can be used to view an AR presentation. This means it can be developed and implemented on mobile apps and mobile devices to further enhance reality with digital components.

Virtual reality (VR) is different. Access to a fully-realised VR environment requires the use of a headset which stimulates your vision and hearing. These VR headsets predominantly depend on a computer system, which in turn means you will need access to a computer in order to use a headset. However, there are also headsets which utilise mobile devices and these can prove to be an excellent alternative for those who do not have access to a specific system.

The two technologies offer different but complementary potential. Indeed, the virtual reality industry is booming and can open up innumerable possibilities for a business, from enabling estate agents to tour customers around a property, to providing whole new environments for co-working and collaboration. Aligned with AR’s capacity to add digital elements to a real-world image (perhaps via a smartphone camera), virtual reality apps are the new trend, with a greater number of consumers purchasing virtual reality apps than even before. If you’re trying to stand out from your competitors, then an AR/VR app can help you do so.

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