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We’ll pinpoint exactly what your brand stands for and then make it stand out. If your business is already well-established, we’ll steer you through a re-brand, and if you’re just starting up we’ll get you launched online. Branding is key to creating awareness of what your business embodies, and we’re here to help you find and keep your customers through strong, memorable and brilliant branding. 

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Design services

Branding by Image+

Logo Design For Business

Logos matter. They’re often the first aspect of your business that anyone sees, and over time they can become the primary way to recognise you. This means you need to create the right impression. And the best way to do this is with bespoke logo design.

Our designers produce memorable and distinctive logo designs that will help your business stand out from the competition. The logos we design are tailored to how they will be used. They don’t exist in a vacuum, but are designed specifically for real-world application.

We get to know our clients, and how they want to deploy their logo, and design creative identities which express a business in ways that will make the required impacts.

The most powerful logos communicate a brand’s key values with economy and subtlety. We design logos that do the business.

Branding Guides

Brand Guides That Set The Right Tone

A brand’s visual identity includes its logo but is also so much more. It includes fonts and colours and choice of word. That’s a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of them, and deploying them appropriately, is the secret sauce of good branding. 

Equally important is consistency – knowing how to deploy your visual identity in every setting and whatever the situation. That’s where brand guidelines come in.

We can produce clear guidelines that show you how to implement your brand in the right way every time, externally and internally alike. Let us set your branding guardrails, so it can achieve the maximum impact for your business.

UI / UX Design

Design templates

Alongside brand guidelines, design templates help businesses implement every element of their brands consistently and to maximum effect.

Design templates make it simple for everyone across an entire company to use the brand in the right way, internally and externally, day by day. Brand guidelines can help comms professionals, but during a busy workday many of your other staff will simply need a template to slot their content into. 

We can provide editable and ready-made branded templates alike. They’ll make it easy to create correctly branded materials and documents, presentations and social media material alike. Every instance will look professional and build brand consistency at every touchpoint. That’s the recipe for branding success. 

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Our design team can create all the brand elements that your business needs to make it always stand out, wherever it appears in the marketplace. They’ll make sure that every aspect of your brand is consistent, professional … and communicates the essence of your business.

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