Pertemps Professional Recruitment have 6 websites in total, the main group website, Pertemps Social Care, Paradigm Consultancy, Equinox Consultancy, Pertemps Education and Hourglass Education. The websites had previously been built in a CMS called Umbraco, which our client agreed was a ‘clunky’ content management system, was difficult to use and was also contributing to poor results on Google. In short the websites were poorly optimised, slow and not performing as they should be.

PPR Group


We worked with PPR to redesign all 6 websites inline with the new branding and rebuilt these in WordPress, using custom templates and CMS setup. We optimised each website after extensive keyword research, giving each website the best start once it went live. The client now also has the tools and control to manage the ongoing optimisation of each website themselves.

As part of the rebuild process, we also implemented an Idibu job board integration within WordPress, meaning that they can now seamlessly and automatically post new job adverts directly to each recruitment website. Candidates can search, filter and apply online within a few clicks and PPR have already reported an increase in applications since they have launched.



increase in organic traffic


increase in website visitors


increase in page speed

Old brands


The 6 brands that make up the PPR Group all had their own style. While the social care and education brands adhered to some of the brand rules from the Pertemps brand guides, the others didn’t. All 6 brands needed a face lift. The brief was tricky, we needed to follow the Pertemps brand rules to an extent, whilst trying to retain some individuality and recognisable brand elements, such as the colour pallet and logo marks.

PPR branding


We redesigned all 6 logos to use the Pertemps font, Days one and a similar colour palette for the logo wording. Each logo mark was placed in the same position and we individualised each logo to have its own unique colour palette that harmonised with one another.

The three main brand logos retained the Pertemps logo mark, as it was already in use and widely recognised. For the the other three brands we redesigned their logo marks to be in a similar style and size.

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