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Nothing is as important as the information you hold about your valued customers. A good CRM system tracks every element of customer relationships: progression, sales, projects, contacts and so on. 

Every business will have a subtly different set of needs and a different way of working with customers. Similarly, a Content Management System needs to offer intuitive and instant access to key content so it’s seamless, easy and quick to update.

We’re experts at building and maintaining both types of system to help your business leverage assets more reliably and productively.

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The Benefits of a CMS

A good content management system (CMS) should be designed and maintained around your business’s specific digital assets and their needs. The critical function of a CMS is to give you and your staff easy access to the core content you distribute online. 

The user interface should be as straightforward and focused as possible, so that content tasks can be undertaken simply and swiftly. Crucially, a CMS should not require any technical know-how: no coding and no “back-end” skills. Your staff aren’t developers, and they shouldn’t need to be.

Instead, a CMS should be flexible and dynamic and enable anyone to change the structure and the content of a website, app or other digital asset. It should help organise admin roles and provide access to the content each user needs to manipulate. Intuitive, instant and intelligent, a CMS makes your online comms better.

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The benefits of a CRM

A good CRM is an indispensable partner, a reliable repository for all the data your business holds about your clients and customers. This one-stop shop for business intelligence should display key data intuitively and clearly, and power business efficiency and productivity. It’s a precision tool, and needs to be maintained like one.

Effective CRMs give the user the data they need and offer a variety of reportable formats that make it both usable and useful. Working in conjunction with an API, a CRM can query a central database for whatever business data a particular user needs at a given moment.

Critically, a good CRM doesn’t require you to change your entire internal system or processes. It becomes an extension of it.  With careful design and development, a truly tailored CRM can quickly make life easier. 

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