The most important aspect for design was the usability for both franchisees and customers. We created a RAPOS which allowed the popular products to be easily added to the basket depending on the franchise. 

It was also important in the design that franchisees can also take pre-orders for quicker service and productivity. The design also allows for seeing how many points they have collected which they can redeem on their orders, their order status, and the location of the van.

Really Awesome Coffee Order screen
Really Awesome Coffee Order Mobile Screen


The app is made to collect different combinations of meal deals and offers that suit each franchise. The system calculates these in real time to provide the best possible price for the customer. It was made so that customers can collect points even if they are offline.

With each route that a franchise completes the data is stored to be reviewed in an depth report on performance where they are able to see sales, how long they were at the stop, profit per stop vs time spent, and the best sold products.

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