Mobile app development trends move ever on. In 2018, mobile apps are part of the digital furniture – most of us now use at least one regularly, and many use a large number on a daily basis. In this environment, making your app novel and different is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Being aware of mobile app development trends becomes in this way about more than merely staying at the cutting edge of technology; it actually brings a business benefit, since offering the latest functionality in the most up-to-date package will encourage users to download your app rather than a competitor’s.

Internet of Things

The first and most obvious development is in the Internet of Things. There has been an explosion of wearable tech, and of other items throughout our home which are also connected to the internet. This makes considering how your app might work on something other than a smartphone – or other digitally-enhanced object – well worth the effort. How can you best insert yourself into your customers’ daily lives?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

On mobile, the key in integrated your business with your customers’ lives is speed. Your app needs to load quickly, and here Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is key. This new service from Google will enable supported web applications to load much faster on mobile devices. This will make your app easier and more pleasurable to use – and drive bounce rates down.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Meanwhile, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality continue their rise. AR and VR were very much things in 2017 – and they’re going to stay that way. Integration of these elements offers the chance for you to include a type of cognitive technology in your app – and this is something which has already revolutionised what users expect from their software. Don’t get stuck behind the curve.

The Cloud

The cloud, too, will increasingly dominate. By storing data in the cloud, you again make your app easier to load – but also enable your users to access their data securely on any device and at any time. Cloud-integrated mobile apps have become widely available for both customers and tech professionals, and you need to start thinking of them as the industry standard.

Beacons & Location-based Services

In app time, Pokémon Go is already a long time ago. But the importance of beacons and location-based services is only just beginning to be harnessed by business as well as games. Accessing and utilising your users’ locations offers major scope for personalised app marketing. Not only does this benefit you – users will reward business who provide them useful information or services through use of this data.

In short, users are expecting increasing sophisticated from their apps – and the best way of achieving app success is to meet those expectations. So take our advice, and make the most of these five mobile app development trends for 2018!

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