Mobile apps march every onwards, increasingly dominating the way we access the internet – and in particular how we access services online.

The pace of change does look set to slow in 2019, so we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends. Our clients certainly appreciate it – and we thought you might, too. Here’s what to look out for on mobile for the rest of this year.

1. M-Commerce.

M-commerce, of course, is simply the buying and selling of stuff on mobile platforms. According to research, the number of m-commerce transactions will surpass the number of more traditional, web-based e-commerce transactions in 2019. The leading players are Google Pay and Apple Pay apps, and businesses of all kinds should be considering taking a slice of this pie.

2. Mobile Payments.

Likewise, mobile apps are simply going to have to integrate multiple payment gateways. Offering in-app purchases is a great way of maximising revenue generation from your app – but you won’t convert as many users as you might unless you make them easy. Any successful mobile app must have at least three or four methods of making payment, like Paypal or credit and debit cards.

3. AR & VR.

Like augmented reality, virtual reality is another mobile application trend that will be hot in 2019. Traditionally, virtual reality has been used for the simulation of scenarios that are difficult as well as expensive to create. Increasingly, however, the expense is much less of a consideration – and apps like Google Earth VR are democratising the format and making VR headsets the new big thing.

4. App Security.

The more apps there is the more potential for data loss. Mobile app development companies need to address security concerns if they wish to succeed. Key questions to ask include: Does the app keep private data safe, and can someone hack into the data stored on the app? Consider seriously how much data your app really needs to gather, and how you will protect what it does collect from misuse.

5. Cloud Integration.

The cloud stores data securely, and provides access to it from any device. In this way, cloud integration for mobile applications will ensure a seamless experience for the users. This can help all sorts of users. Organisations involved in training people, for example, can enable their trainees to access material from anywhere in their own time; salespeople can access constantly updated marketing material on the go. The cloud enables consistency.

And there you have it: in a nutshell, the big five mobile app development trends for 2019!

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