You’ve done all the hard work: the proofs of concept, the long miles of design, the nitty-gritty of user testing. You have your app. Congratulations! But there’s still one big step to make: the launch.

All that work will count for nothing if you don’t execute this final task properly. The launch is critical to the success of your app more widely because it is your only chance to make a first impression. It also affords a lot of opportunities for the spotlight: a new app is exciting, and you need to make the most of that novelty.

You need a strategy in place for launch: not just a finished app, but an infrastructure around that app to support both it and its users. Sales, support, marketing – put all of these things in place from day one to ensure that your launch isn’t just a fanfare followed by nothing. Launch a full package rather than half a job.

Here are five items for your full launch checklist.

  1. Prepare an Official App Announcement. Getting the word out there about this new application, so that people actually download the app, is critical. Issue a press release and a promotional video; use social media; make contact with publications and blogs whose readers might be interested in your launch. Shout about it!
  1. Produce a Support System for your app. This is so important. Customer Service is crucial for app users – if they’re having trouble with something, they will want to contact you with any problems … and will expect a resolution. Only launch your app when you can meet these expectations.
  1. Your Website is Still Important! Many people that use your app will often click on the website for more information. Likewise, often links don’t take the customer directly to an app – they will go to a website that acts as a funnel towards the app. Don’t, then, neglect your webpages. Give them a refresh; ensure they, too, are launch-ready.
  1. Out-Reach is Crucial on the Day of Launch. All that preparation also requires follow-up. Getting in touch with people on the launch date itself – using press contacts or social connections – will be effective and may lead to more press contacts increases impressions.
  1. Update your followers about the app. If you are a business with an existing client-base, include them in the excitement. Posting blogs, updates, and articles via your website and social media will remind important customers about your app’s launch. Another good idea is to pin a notification to the top of your feeds so it has maximum visibility.

In other words, cover all your bases and get as many people involved as possible. You’ve worked hard – and invested a lot – to get to the launch stage. Make the most of it!

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