What is UI Design?

UI design, also known as user interface design, is a design process used to build digital interfaces for websites, applications and software. UI design is where a designer focuses on style and creativity, thereby making the user experience easy to use and pleasurable.

User interfaces come in 3 main forms which are listed below:

  • Graphical User Interfaces 

GUI is a computer’s desktop that users interact with visual digital representation. 

  • Voice Controlled Interfaces

VUI is for users that interact with voice. Smart assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google use voice controlled interfaces.

  • Gesture Based Interfaces

This is when a user interacts with 3D designs with movement. Gesture based interfaces include swiping and tapping on your smart device and virtual reality games.

How do I Create a Great UI?

The users who visit your site care about usability, and this affects the website’s like-ability. It’s about ensuring your users can get tasks done with simplicity. The user wants to enjoy their journey, when a design can deliver what they want and create a personalised experience, this can ensure they return to your site in the future. Good user interface should also communicate your brand values and gain the user’s trust. 

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

UI stands for user interface, it is visual points that a user is able to interact with. This can include screens, touchscreen, keyboards and sounds. UI is about the visual that a user sees and aesthetic that draws a user to interact with. For example, a bold add to basket button on a website, this is important because it encourages users to buy a product and at the same time making it easier for the customer to do so.

UX is the user experience, it concentrates on a user’s contact throughout their journey, and how effective it is. UX works side by side with the user interface, however unlike UI it works on what the customer doesn’t see. For example, getting from one page to another, UX is about the structure and the journey of getting there, while UI is at the front and shows visual design.

Learn More about UI Design

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