Biometrics are a security solution, usually used for securing sensitive data, as an extra precaution on devices where personal and sensitive data is stored. For example, banks use it to authorise access or when making a transaction or pages. It is used to build a barrier to a specific task, such as reopening an app after inactivity. Biometrics are an option for users who would like another layer of security.

There are different types biometrics we can use, for instance – 

Retina Scanning

Retina scanners register your unique blood vessel placement. Vessels are measured and assigned numbers, which then is stored as code for authentication purposes.

Iris Recognition

Iris Recognition is often confused with Retina scanning, however Iris Recognition uses camera technology to gather detailed and intricate images to be used for security purposes.

Facial recognition

Facial Recognition uses the measurements between areas of your face such as your eyes to lips, thoroughly going through every measurement to create your facial signature.

Fingerprints Biometrics

Biometrics using fingerprints capture the ridges and valleys on the pad of your finger and save it. The device measures this fingertip and uses the saved biometric measurements to grant access.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition evaluates the frequency, flow and your accent to create a digital template of your voice, which is used for biometric recognition.

Pros and Cons of Biometrics


  • Simplicity
  • Time Convenient 
  • Higher form of authentication
  • Prevents others from seeing you enter your PIN. 


  • Chance of false positives
  • Moments where the user’s biometric is rejected
  • A challenge to store securely
  • The more accurate, the more expense

At Apps+, we have used biometric authentication in our designs. SoccerPots, a football gambling app, holds a balance of money. By using biometrics a user can log in quickly and their balance is safe. Another example of our work with biometrics is Sourced Property. This application is for property developers to reserve and purchase properties, with biometrics the app is secure and requires minimal effort to log in on an hourly basis. 

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