It’s only a cliché because it’s true: we learn from our mistakes. It’s also true, though, that we can learn from the mistakes of others. By reviewing the market, and learning from the many bad apps that are out there, it becomes easier to make good ones.

Many businesses don’t invest the time and thought into their app that they should. They might hire a relative beginner to build it, or not do their market research properly before they commence work. These seem like ways to save money at first – but bad apps will always make a loss, however cheap they were to build.

What common mistakes can we perceive in these poorer apps, then, that might help inform and improve our own design processes? We keep a constant eye on the market so that you don’t have to – and so that we’re at the leading edge.

For example, don’t design an app with lacklustre interfaces and features. This might seem almost too obvious to mention, but you’d be surprised how many new developers get in such a rush to launch an app that they forget about making it sufficiently appealing.

Users will only make an app their go-to tool if it is easy to use and provides really transformative functionality. In other words, it should intuitively perform an important task, and do it quickly. An app needs to be easy – and bad user interface, in particular, can lead to lots of issues in the future. Think about what your app is doing, and how.

Likewise, avoid launching your app on too many platforms. While creating an app that has universal appeal is essential, you need to avoid trying to design for every possible platform. Often, being all things to all users will lead to many mistakes. This is why you need to aim for one platform at a time.

Users like apps that feel native to their own platform. The only way you can achieve this is to design it from the ground-up from scratch. So, understand your target audience – and design an app specifically for the platform they tend to use.

And finally, think about marketing your app. Again, this isn’t rocket science – but some app developers get so involved in designing a great looking app that they forget to shout about it.

Without the right amount of advertising and promotion, it will be hard to get an app off the ground – and all that design work will go to waste. Devise a marketing strategy, and secure a budget for it. An app without users is no good to anyone!

Keep an eye on the competition. If you do, you’ll get ahead: they’ll make common mistakes during their app design that you can avoid.

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