‘Mobile app company’ is a phrase that might leave you adrift in the market: the mobile app sector is so new that it can be hard to understand how to pick the right mobile app developer for you … and, most importantly, how to avoid the bad ones!

Our own mobile app company has been built up to adhere to what we consider to be the absolute key ingredients which any client will need to seek when choosing a developer to work with. When considering hiring a mobile app company, then, think along these lines – and feel free to compare us with our competitors!

Mobile devices and platforms: how many of these does your proposed mobile app company cover? Do they just build for the iPhone, or can they handle Android and the other operating systems out there? Most importantly, think about future-proofing: more kinds of mobile device will become available, and you want to be ready.

  • Bespoke development: templates and out-of-the-box solutions have their place, and may in one instance or another be ideal for you; but you want to work with a mobile app company which is also capable of building your app from the ground up if they need to. Your app idea may be unique; that means your app should be, too.
  • Infrastructure: the last thing you want is for your app to become successful … and then to crash. A mobile app company offering reliable, high-capacity servers is therefore a must, as is one which can provide immediate and ongoing support should you need it. We tick both those boxes, too.
  • Monitoring tools: an app if only as useful as the statistics it produces. Your mobile app company needs to provide the tools, and the expertise, to gather, collate and interpret your user statistics. From income to user tracking, geolocation to key activity spikes, you’ll need a mobile app company at home with the figures.

There are also the standard considerations which go for a mobile app company as much as any other potential working partner. Do they provide a fully-fledged all-in-house service? Do they have the experience to match their big claims? And, if they’re too cheap or want money up-front … you should probably move on.

Your mobile app company needs to understand you, consult and co-operate with your organisation to produce the best possible app; they need to have an eye on the user, to tailor the app experience so that it is as good, and as useable, as possible; and they need always to be looking for the next opportunity, so you and your app can stay ahead of the curve.

We think all of that recommends our service, but go out there and see what you can find. The above were our goals when we began; and they’re the criteria you should be using to choose your mobile app company.

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