Can we interest you in the specials?

The power of app technology is its diversity. It offers users endless choice so that they can find the precise tools that help them get through their tasks more efficiently. That’s why there are all sorts of apps flooding the market as it matures.

So the a la carte selection is wide. But there are particular tasks to which apps are especially well suited – and we think will offer unusual benefits to both users and providers in the coming years. Let’s call these the specials.

As you might have gathered from our menu-related theme, one such growth area for apps is in the area of cuisine: ingredients, meals, cooking, nutrition. Because apps can become so integrated into our homes – via smartphones and tablets, they are uniquely portable and easily accessible – cooking apps are likely to transform our kitchens.

Potential Applications of Cooking Apps

How so? Well, imagine the potential functions of a cooking app:

Sharing Recipes: Post recipes and where you got your ingredients from.

Storing Recipes: Save recipes that you have created or that other people have shared into a folder Get kids into cooking – not only do their parents have tablets, but a lot of the tots do, too. Baked cookies, anyone?

Ecommerce elements: Buy ingredients directly via the app, get them delivered to your door … and cook according to the recipe!

Meal Planning: Plan meals for the week, so you know what you’re buying when going food shopping – and so that you can demonstrate your diet is balanced.

Restaurant Of The Week: Offer other users recommendations of restaurants, filed by cuisine.

The possibilities are a good deal more expansive than just this list, too: from calorie counters to temperature checkers, the possibilities are endless – and offer attractive advantages to users.

Providing productive apps to users in this way ensures that an organisation develops a relationship with a customer, enhancing the connection they, in turn, feel to a brand. This vastly increases the likelihood not just of interactions but of conversions – all because the app provides a useful service that can make an everyday task easier.

Whether a restaurant or a supermarket, a recipe service or a nutritionist, offering cooking apps places your organisation at the heart of home during one of the most important times of any household’s day. Integrated your brand in this way with a family’s routine will pay dividends – as well as providing a valuable service.

That’s why cooking apps are the future … and they’re on the specials menu. Bon Appetit!

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