Marketing is something that is a vital part of any business’s success. And today, with businesses operating from home or being temporarily closed, digital marketing has been a vital tool used by businesses. Either to maintain their brand awareness or keep their operations running.

But like all marketing, digital marketing needs to be well-thought-out. It isn’t a function we undertake for its own sake – rather, it needs to be carefully planned with clearly defined and measurable goals.

This is Marketing 101 – it almost doesn’t need to be said. But where it’s important to emphasise this very simple truth is in choosing the appropriate marketing techniques for a given scenario. Which tool is going to help us achieve our desirable targets?

Every campaign is different; there’s no silver bullet or fool-proof marketing technique. That said, there are some tried-and-tested techniques that tend to very well when it comes to encouraging engagement.

  1.  Make the most of Free Marketing on Social Media
    Using social media for your brand is possibly one of the most underestimated marketing techniques. And whilst many businesses know that it’s important to remain visible and active on social media, few give it much thought.Social Media Marketing is an expansive topic of its own so it’s impossible to reflect its complexities in just one article, let alone one paragraph. But there are some important tips that can serve as a good start. First, it’s important to understand that like search engines, social media platforms also operate on algorithmic bases. And so, in order to remain relevant and make the most of your account, it is vital to post on your chosen platform regularly, at least once a day. This can be made easier by planning posts in advance using a social media calendar. Ensuring you post regular content will ensure that not only will you remain relevant to the algorithm but also to your followers.But remember that quality is always better than quantity. Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Ensure that your planned content is engaging and relevant to your brand. A lot of damage can be done to your image if it isn’t.
  2. Regular newsletter
    Sending content to your clients at predictable intervals keeps a brand alive in their minds. Maintaining brand awareness like this is critical: a good brand is one that becomes inextricably associated with the service it provides, almost synonymous with it. Encouraging customers to remember you – through good content is an important means of achieving this.
  3. Free downloadable content via email sign-up
    People love a great deal – and they are more likely to engage with your offers if you give them one. You also need a way to expand your customer base – so that more people say those regular newsletters. Providing great content – such as a free template or a tool that is relevant and useful to your audience – is one way of achieving both. Offer it in exchange for the action you want a customer to make and you should see success.
  4. Use success stories to attract leads
    Human beings are story-telling creatures. Any tale with a beginning, a middle and an end – and, of course, a message – will persuade and engage much more effectively than an abstract explanation. So, weave a narrative about your brand and its successes – use real people in real contexts to sell to new leads, and you’ll see greater results. Be it on your website, on your social media accounts, or on Google.

Securing new business is the only measure of marketing success that matters. Whether that is in the short-term or longterm. And these are without question the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation – so try them out and let us know how you get on!

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