We write a lot on this blog – being mobile app developers – about, well, mobile apps. We know a lot about them, build a lot of them, and think a lot of them. Mobile apps and mobile technology in general float our boat. We are, as they say, early adopters.

All that said, doing your due diligence on whether your business really needs a mobile app or not makes a lot of sense. One size does not fit all, and your particular product or service, sector and customer profile will influence to a great extent what precise technological innovations you should adopt.

In order to assess whether your business would benefit from a mobile app, we recommend you ask the following three questions of your organisation and its needs. Your answers will to a large degree begin to lead you towards a digital strategy appropriate to you, your sector and service.

Do Our Competitors Use Mobile Apps?

This first question is also amongst the most important. In today’s environment, your competitors adoption of digital tools must to a large extent dictate your own. Customers appreciate the convenience of mobile technology; if your competitors are providing this experience, then you need to consider doing so.

This is particularly true if your competitors are offering apps you or your digital team believe your business can better: customers will switch apps for better user experiences. Keep at the leading edge of customer-facing technology at all times.

What Do Our Customers Expect of Us?

Your competitors are not your primary audience, of course – your customers are. Even if companies offering similar products or services to you have not filled a need for mobile apps, that doesn’t mean the need isn’t there. Do your audience research: if your customers are demanding access to your company while on the move, it’s well worth providing it.

Customers increasingly expect around-the-clock availability from the companies with whom they deal. Mobile apps are a cost-effective and flexible way of providing your customers what they want.

How Is My Current Marketing Strategy Performing?

Few are the businesses not constantly seeking to expand their client base. Whether you want to increase engagement amongst existing companies, target more potential customers or improve your conversion rate, a mobile app can be a very important part of a marketing strategy firing on all cylinders. Assess your marketing with a critical eye: where there are gaps that digital tools might fill, consider them seriously.

In truth, we find it hard to believe that any honest answers to the above questions won’t, in today’s environment, lead most companies towards some sort of digital tool – such is their versatility and power. That said, don’t take our word for it: only adopt them when you, too, are sure your business needs that mobile app.

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