Email marketing is not dead – we covered this the other week. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your email marketing is engaging and has great ROI – in fact, there’s plenty of evidence that email marketing done well provides among the best return of any digital method!

Forty per cent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are their most important marketing channel. That’s no surprise: three-quarters of millennials say that hearing from businesses via email is their preferred mode of communication.

So that said, what are the benefits of using email marketing? Why is it so uncommonly effective? Sure, we all check our email obsessively – but what else? Why should a business choose to go the email route?

You can really customise your content to suit specific target audiences. You can segment your contacts and send each distinct audience targeted information designed to engage them directly. You can personalise your email to address the recipient using their name, and even include it in the subject header. Plus, it arrives in your target’s email inbox – a personal space, far more individual than a Twitter stream or ahead of a YouTube video.

That means you can build strong customer relationships. Regular email builds regular contact – and consequently, email helps a brand achieve recognition among all those that receive those communications. Email is a fantastic way to deliver regular, timed updates – it’s lighter-touch than a phone but more direct than tweeting.

Your brand will thrive on this direct one-to-one contact. By using great design and proper copy, you’ll be able to build and deliver your brand’s voice – and your audience will get to know it. Every email you send is a little update to your customers about who is – and why they should engage with you. That sort of brand development is priceless.

You’ll also have the opportunity to become a trusted source of information for your customers. Don’t send out emails devoid of real content, just for the sake of saying hi; instead, include articles you know will be of interest – and of use – to your audience. Do your homework: what does your target audience need? Provide them with it. As you do so, they will engage with your emails more – and come to trust your brand.

And finally, all this can be achieved at a cost-effective level. Email is a relatively low-cost medium: you don’t need to invest in fancy video cameras or expensive print runs. Email is so wonderful because it’s so simple – and that means that penny for pound, email marketing is a fantastic value for businesses.

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