In the age of social marketing, email can feel unglamorous: all those Facebook campaigns or YouTube ads might seem like a more exciting place to locate your marketing spend.

The truth, however, is that email remains a really important means of reaching your audience. Return on investment for email marketing continues to be among the highest for any digital

One recent estimate of email marketing ROI is that for every dollar spent on email marketing, $42 are generated – and 82% of all welcome emails sent by businesses are indeed opened. Those are excellent numbers, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Given that email remains such an important channel for digital marketers, then, it makes sense to pay close attention to the most effective methods for actualising its potential. What matters more than anything in this regard is staying ahead of the curve: even if email remains a powerful tool,
the last thing a business wants is for its messages to seem stale.

What, then, are the big new things in email marketing? Where is the channel going next, both to continue to engage users – and enhance the results marketers can derive from the channel? We think there are four key areas that savvy email marketers should be considering moving forwards.

User-generated content.

Email is a two-way medium: it doesn’t need to be limited
simply to a business sending out messages. Users can also send them back! This is user-generated feedback – content created by the end-users. Include a feedback box in your messages; offer users the chance to write for your newsletter or blog; your audience wants to read what they have to say, too.

Interactive elements.

An email shouldn’t just be a letter; it should be something to get
your teeth into. Make your emails richer: give your users something to engage with. Add buttons, roll-over effects and image carousels to your emails – give your users something to click, to play with, to make them feel part of the campaign. Ensure your users are active participants, not passive recipients.

Less is more.

Keeping your copy concise should be the aim in every campaign, but in
email marketing its especially important. With more and more users accessing their email via mobile devices with smaller screens, a clean and convincing copy must be the
watchword. Keep things simple, and you’ll your messages will be more readable.

Artificial intelligence.

AI doesn’t always mean C-3P0. It can mean simple automation – providing more relevant content to your prospects. AI can enable better segmentation, learning what works and engages specific users from their past engagements and their responses to your questions on sign-up. It’s a targeting tool – and can help you deliver more personalised – and more effective – messages more easily.

In short, keep your emails fresh. Email marketing is still king – and with these future-proof steps, you can keep it that way.

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