Get your seat at the side of the catwalk: it’s time to trend-spot again. We won’t be assessing this year’s must-have hem-line or lapel-width, though; instead, we’re focused on trends in graphic design.

Graphic design is usually the most visible element of any site upon first visiting it – and has a critical role in how users experience even one they visit many times. It encompasses everything from imagery to colour, lay-out to orientation, and each site will make its own specific demands upon a designer.

Securing a good graphic design team is extremely important for any website: it is an art as well as a science, and expertise is crucial. So, too, is experience: there is no replacement for having designed websites before and having developed an understanding of what works and what does not.

Of course, what is past is prologue. As well as leaning on their learning, good designers also stay up-to-date: graphic design is a moving field like any other, and in particular web design makes new demands on graphics specialists daily.

For example, in 2019 the latest developments in graphic design include:

  1. Unfamiliar layouts will gain demand. 2019 will have unusual, asymmetrical and scattered grid styled layouts instead of the predictable layouts. Give jaded web users something new to gain – and keep – their attention.
  1. Striking colour transitions and gradients will become mainstream. We will see more and more rich, vibrant and exuberant ranges of colours being used in designs in 2019. Due to advancement in technology, it is now much easier to create more attractive and colourful designs, gradients and backgrounds. Go to town!
  1. Hand-drawn text retain popularity. This is one trend that’s going nowhere just yet. Hand-drawn typography always succeeds in attracting attention because by their very nature they possess traits of originality, innovativeness and intimacy. Users like uniqueness.
  1. Coloured fonts are everywhere. In 2019, we will witness a rise in vector fonts with multiple colourful elements. Expect a lot of opportunities in terms of art and aesthetics when it comes to presenting your ideas through text.

So there you have it: expertise and innovation is the way forward for any good graphic designer … and this year it’s all about grabbing attention with exciting idiosyncrasy. trends play their part. Those are the graphic design trends to look out for in 2019!

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