Infographics are great. In the digital age, information and data power so much of our lives – and yet can be difficult to visualise. Tracking the flow of data can be hard, and infographics make it easier – which is why they can be so very useful.

An infographic is simply some kind of illustration that conveys a representation of some form of data, often but not always numeric. For example, an extremely simple infographic would be two circles side-by-side, one bigger to denote the larger of two numbers, and the other smaller to represent the lower integer.

In reality, of course, infographics have become an art in themselves, moving far beyond such simple representations to become memorable illustrations in their own rate. By making information accessible to the human brain – which so likes to visualise even the most abstract concepts – infographics have become crucial to how we communicate online.

In short, infographics can make complex information accessible and relatable. That’s reason enough to make use of them. But there are also several other reasons why you should implement infographics in web design.

  1. Brand Awareness and Recognition. Some companies blend an infographic with their corporate logo, which helps to promote brand awareness and recognition. Because infographics are so well tooled to represent data, this can be a particularly useful method for companies who deal in information.
  1. Aesthetics. Infographics will attract attention since they are so visually compelling. Make use of this quality: deploy infographics carefully throughout your website, and you’ll be able to ensure that your visitors’ eyes come to rest where you want them to.
  1. Viral Capability. Great infographics have the ability to generate a ton of interest. They make complicated questions be more easily understood – and that means that people are likely to share them with their friends. As a result, they can go viral almost overnight. Infographics are useful and that makes them powerful.
  1. SEO. If your infographic goes viral, you will quickly see your page gain in rank. All those viral views offer the potential to land on your site, which not only give you a chance to convert that traffic – but will add to your rankings with Google. Again, search engines reward websites that provide good information. Infographics very much count towards your Brownie points.

So there you have it: four reasons why you should implement infographics in web design. Hm. Maybe we should have made an infographic about it.

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