In the dynamic world of mobile apps, content is the heartbeat of user interaction. Whether it’s images, text, or interactive elements, every piece of your content contributes to the overall user experience, enhancing your app’s functionality and engaging your audience.

Just as a well-placed sign in a physical store influences shoppers’ behaviour, the content within your app plays a crucial role in shaping the actions of your users.

But how do you know if your content is achieving the maximum impact and what can you do to ensure that it’s helping to convert your users into customers?

Our team of ImagePlus app designers and developers (who after all, know a thing or two when it comes to apps that lead the way) have come together to share 3 key things you need to think about when it comes to apps that look great and work great too.

1. Keep it Clear and Concise

Mobile screens are limited in size so make sure your users don’t have to struggle to absorb information. Optimise your app’s copy by keeping it clear, concise, and to the point. Trim unnecessary words and prioritise essential information. 

Your users should be able to grasp your message without the need for zooming in or navigating through dense paragraphs

At ImagePlus our app designers and developers always prioritise mobile-optimisation.

2. Optimise Interactions for Touch Screens

Keep in mind that many of us interact with our mobiles using  a single hand so to enhance usability, ensure that gestures within your app are user-friendly, simple and completely intuitive at all times. Minimise the number of screens your users have to navigate through, making the experience both seamless and efficient for them – and something they can do single handed! Content optimisation is not just about what your users see but also about how they interact with your app.

3. Implement & Test: The Imperative Steps to Conversion

Optimising your content is an ongoing process that involves implementation and rigorous testing. You need to know what best resonates with your users and drives them to act so always validate your content by observing how your users interact with it.  Test on multiple devices and screens and check that the content is displaying correctly and functioning seamlessly. Remember that imagery and persuasive copy should be guiding your users and converting them into your customers!

Contact ImagePlus for Mobile App Development

At ImagePlus, we specialise in mobile app design and development, ensuring that every aspect of your app, including content, aligns with user expectations and exceeds your business goals.  We’re also pretty good at  keeping on top of tech and digital trends so we can help you build a sustainable solution that delivers results today and tomorrow, helping you to grow and stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re ready to embark on a mobile app journey or have an idea to discuss, contact us today and let’s discuss how to optimise your content and create an immersive user experience that sets your app apart from the rest. Our UK team of app designers and developers help clients nationwide from our offices in Coventry and in Manchester. Contact us at 024 7683 4780 or email us at

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