Initially, our volunteer app was developed as a donation to a community group operating in Warwick and Leamington Spa. They were gathering troops of volunteers to distribute essential supplies to vulnerable people in their community. However, the group was using a combination of a Google Sheet, Whatsapp, text messages and phone calls to run their operations. And this was simply not efficient enough for the several hundreds of volunteers they had to coordinate.

Our Apps Plus developers worked tirelessly – in the little spare time they had during Easter holidays – to create a system that would make this a seamless experience for both the volunteers and the coordinators. 

What they came up with is this little gem of an app, rightfully named Good Egg – in honour of the charitable spirit that inspired its existence, as well as the time of the year during which the idea was conceived. And it is FREE for charities and volunteer groups to use!

Volunteer Sign-up System

Potential volunteers can complete their sign-up process directly through the app or you – the volunteer coordinator – can do it for them using our specially designed back-end system, accessible via a desktop. Either way, our app has got all the tools to make your verification process smoother than before. 

Instant Notifications

Good Egg sends job requests to your volunteers via push notifications, whenever they are nearby. These requests are intelligently filtered, ensuring that volunteers don’t take on more tasks than they can deliver, throughout the week. 

Tried and Tested

“What Alan and his team have done for us as a group has been unbelievably kind. Thanks to the app, we can now have an overview in real-time of what tasks have been completed, which means we can free up more time to help even more people on any given day.”

Liz Turner, Volunteer Coordinator.

Contact Apps Plus to start using Good Egg for FREE

If you’d like to enquire about using the Good Egg app for a volunteer group please send an email to

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