By 2015, the UK has the third largest e-commerce sector in the world. In that year, the most recent for which we have full figures, British shoppers spent £533bn online – and provisional figures suggest this figure has increased year-on-year since then.

This year, 78% of us will make at least one purchase online. This means that well over three-quarters of British people are part of the potential market for online retailers. This is not a figure that retailers can ignore.

So – of course – all retailers should be looking to unlock the power of e-shopping to power their growth. Many immediately turn to the idea of an e-commerce website to help them in this regard: we are all now used to the idea of opening our internet browser and logging on to our favourite retailer.

But the benefits of mobile apps for retailers should not be ignored, either.

Offer Another Way to Shop. We have physical stores and websites, sure – but mobile apps create a third method of making purchases. Creating this extra channel provides greater convenience for customers, and this can be crucial: an app is a shop in your pocket, and, unlike a website, is perfectly suited to mobile devices. Make it easier to buy from you in this way, and you will sell more.

Make It Easy to Send Personalised Coupons. The metrics you gather about your shoppers can be used to send tailored content to their apps. Via push notifications, you can alert any given user to a personalised offer redeemable against a simple coupon code. If you reward loyalty in this way and build relationships with your shoppers, you’ll increase conversions.

Keep Offers and Deals Updated. Similarly, a mobile app helps you keep your shoppers updated about sales and offer they might otherwise miss. Send notifications when there’s a flash sale event or seasonal offers come online – and you’ll encourage greater engagement.

Introduce Loyalty Programs. You can reward regular customers with more than coupons. Loyalty programs are great for incentivising customers to return to your store. Mobile apps allow customers to collect, monitor and quickly redeem their loyalty points – and send notifications to customers when a new reward is available.

Drive More In-Store Traffic. In short, mobile apps can help with building a customer base, whether it’s through the mobile app or in-store. Mobile apps add a personalised dynamism to the relationship between retailer and customer. That’s is powerful in the retail business – and it’s how a mobile app can benefit retailers.

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