The Apple Watch 3 launched this week, alongside Apple’s flagship iPhone X, so it seems as good a time as any to assess how watch apps can benefit a business.

The Apple Watch is easily the most visible of the wearable tech devices now on the market, but it is by no means the only product on the market. Wearable tech is undoubtedly now a ‘Thing’. But in what ways, and to what extent? We’re glad you asked.

For a device that resembles a Dick Tracky gadget, smartwatches have become quickly part of many users’ everyday lives. This is the first and perhaps most important way in which developing an app specifically for smart watches can pay real dividends: it makes your data accessible on the go and instantly.

Whatever information is stored in your online databases – customer information for staff, product data for customers, productivity figures for senior managers – watch apps can provide user-friendly access to key metrics at the flick of a wrist. In and of itself, that’s hugely powerful.

Of course, this capability unlocks several other benefits. Most obviously, accessible data increases employee productivity. Perhaps your salesmen or logistics people have access via their watch to real-time data; perhaps they can input new line items on the move, quickly and without dragging a laptop out of their bag. Perhaps customer interactions via a client-facing app makes your staff’s job easier and more straightforward. Whatever the application, efficiency is achieved.

Watch apps don’t just enhance productivity through clearer and quicker access to data, however. They also streamline processes. A task that might require a desktop computer can now be undertaken via the wrist; one that would have once needed to wait a while can be completed instantly. Likewise, because data entry can be immediate watch apps reduce the lag time between an action and recording it: that is, a salesman can log a sale as soon as it is made, rather than waiting to return to the office.

These streamlined processes in turn improve organisation. From reminders and schedules to complete diaries, watch apps are the perfect means to “push” notifications towards staff and customers alike which can call them to action more with more immediacy and even intimacy. The watch app builds your message into the daily lives – indeed, the very clothing! – of your target audience.

Imagine Dick Tracy is on a case – say a stake-out. Would you want to be in his shoes without your trusty watch? Of course not. Your business can benefit just as clearly from developing a watch app of your own.

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