The world of mobile apps is so exciting – and so enticing – because it is constantly developing. New possibilities open up on a seemingly daily – but certainly annual – basis, and users expect app providers to move seamlessly and swiftly with the times.

Real-time functionality is a case in point. It has moved from a technical impossibility to a de rigeur expectation in a very short space of time, and users increasingly assume that their data will be made available to them immediately and as things happen and events change.

Think of the Uber app, for example, in which the progress of a vehicle is tracked – or a delivery app that allows you to keep track of where your package is … and how much longer it will be before it arrives. This is real-time functionality in action.

So, too, are the various messenger apps, which provide instant communication – as soon as a friend presses send, you receive their message. There is no need to wait, and you receive a notification instantaneously. In today’s world of real-time app technology, this is simply how things should be.

Push notifications are a ubiquitous example of real-time functionality that has almost limitless potential. Does your e-commerce app have a flash sale on? Send your user’s a notification. Do your staff need to know that a standard operating procedure has changed? Send them one, too.

These live feeds of data – even live streaming of media – make apps even more powerful, because they increase their usability … and therefore increases the likelihood that your customers will engage regularly with your channels.

Whether you sell goods or property, deliver news or updates or transport people or freight, real-time functionality will make your app more useful – and integrated it more tightly with the daily routine, and daily expectations, of your users. That will increase uptake, return users … and therefore conversion rates.

Most of us use several real-time features every day, probably without even realizing it. That second-nature character of real-time functionality is what makes it incredibly beneficial for customers and businesses. And that’s how your app can benefit from real-time functionality.

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