Everyone loves a beautiful website. Graphic design is that aspect of web development that focuses on the visual: attractive interfaces, engaging imagery, impactful colours.

Of course, great graphic design can ensure that the people who visit your site stick around. The prettier it is, the more appealing to use, the more likely they are to explore and engage with your content – and your products. But how do you make it so?

Pick a colour theme

Choosing a set of hues that will recur across your site is an integral part of a website’s branding. Every colour palette speaks a different language and sparks a different emotion – and that means that your choice of shades should align with your intended messaging.

Moreover, colours are the first thing users notice on your banners and ads – before they even reach your site, they’ll experience your colourways. Choose them right, and you’ll improve your traffic metrics.

Experiment with animation

Likewise, animation is a gamechanger. In an ideal world, your website should include animation on every page. Moving graphical elements speak to a visitor as nothing else can. Static banners are good, but animated banners take your calls to action to the next level. Standard buttons are fine, but if they move they’ll attract attention. Animation brings your website elements – and therefore your website’s users – to life.

Responsive design

Finally, your graphic design must be responsive. It must be aimed at flexing around whatever devices are used to view your site. Five billion digital users will be browsing your website through a mobile device. Your website must, therefore, be prepared to cater to different device sizes – or else it’s not going to look good to a huge part of your audience.

Not only that, but Google will also prefer to rank your site over others if it has a responsive design. That means that it will drive extra traffic to your site if you tick this particular graphic design box. It might not be intuitive, perhaps, but it is very much the case – and this only compounds the importance of graphic design to any web development project.

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