We most often write about apps in general on this blog. The truth is, though, that one of the most important general rules of mobile app development is that every app is specific! That means that each app should be tailored precisely for its purpose and sector – which can sometimes mean that talking in generalities isn’t what we should be doing.

Take one sector we’re currently working in fitness. Mobile apps have a lot to offer gyms and other fitness facilities, and their deployment in this sector has distinctive demands and pays special dividends.

Examining just one sector in this way might help demonstrate just how flexible and variable the app development game can be.

So … how, specifically, can mobile apps benefit gyms?

Mobile Apps Help Gyms To Acquire New Customers. People are constantly browsing the app store for new apps – and fitness is one of the biggest growth areas. A gym increases its prominence in the sector merely by uploading their app to the market.

Gym Apps Can Improve Customer Experiences. Apps are all about enhancing experiences, but for a gym, this is doubly so: app-armed gym-goers can use their phones to sign-in, without the need to carry around tags or membership cards. The app can also be used to manage their payment methods and subscriptions.

Free Advertisements. Make the most geolocation services: many fitness fanatics use their mobile devices at the gym, for texting, listening to music or posting to social media. Push advertisements to their phones as they do so – and encourage sharing, too: members that post pictures online are in turn uploading advertisements for you!

Build A Community. People – especially newcomers – can feel alone at the gym. Mobile apps can serve as a way for members to communicate with each other. They upload photos, share success stories and give advice on a community message board. As the community grows, so will your brand – and the engagement of your members.

Apps Can Help Upsell. The ability to send push notifications to users’ devices is a huge benefit of having an app. Using this feature, gyms can notify their members about new promotions, offers and discounts on merchandise, products and even sessions. In this way, apps are great for upselling your products.

So, for just one sector-specific example of how the general rules of apps can be applied to particular environments, that’s how mobile apps can benefit gyms.

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