Mobile apps are tools. They simplify and streamline regular tasks – and release efficiencies in doing so. At ImagePlus, we have a long track record in helping clients improve their business efficiency. But in recent weeks we’ve been putting some thought into how we can apply smartphone technology to these processes in order to reduce the risks of infection. 

Businesses of all kinds now have a new and urgent requirement: to protect against the spread of coronavirus in their workplaces. We think mobile apps might offer a key means of achieving that.

Imagine a workplace in which each worker has a smartphone or a tablet – in that workplace, a lot of work can be done without the need to exchange pens or paper, share keyboards or other items. This seriously reduces the chances of cross-contamination!

Take construction. In the last few weeks, we’ve been designing and preparing to launch an app for a construction client that replaces all the forms and paperwork that their teams have to fill in each day.

Forms filled in on paper, or a single device, can pass through several hands on-site, and even be passed further on to head office. Potentially spreading any virus far further than necessary. Our app enables each worker to do their bit on a discrete device that is unique to them – and this eliminates a channel for transmission.

We’re also developing a “clocking-in” app system that will enable employees simply to hold their mobile phones up to a sensor when arriving and leaving their workplace. This makes that process a lot easier – and a lot safer, too.

Furthermore, some of the apps we’ve already built have had their utility renewed in the age of COVID-19. Our app for Mozzo Coffee, for example, enables patrons of their mobile coffee vans to place their order before the van gets to them. Payment is seamless, too, and the customer can collect their beverage when it’s ready – all without standing in a queue or interacting with anyone.

Apps can make your business more efficient – and safer, too. It’s a win-win.

We’re gearing up to launch these – and more – ideas in the coming months to help businesses return to work safely and profitably. If you have a question about how apps might help your business, then just send us an email to, or call us at 024 7683 4780 – we’re always happy to chat to you with no obligation.

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