Attracting more users is the holy grail of app development. For every successful app on the Google Play Store, there are many which have disappeared without trace. It’s important to understand how to prevent your app going the same way.

The key means of ensuring success, of course, is to build a great app with which users enjoy interacting. Rewarding users with useful features and relevant content is the best means of ensuring they come back for more.

Likewise, you can encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews of your app, as we’ve discussed before on this blog. Word of mouth is key to app success.

You can also, however, let your Android users “try before they buy”. Sometimes we don’t download an app because we’re not sure we need it. What if we could demo the app without downloading it, to see if we did?

The good news is that Google Android Instant Apps are designed to just that.

What is a Google Android Instant App? Simply put, it’s a small piece of software that lets you offer customers the chance to try out an element of your app. They don’t have to install it on their phone or tablet – but they can experience some of what it does, and what using the app feels like.

What are the benefits of this? They are three-fold:

  1. Easier User Acquisition. We’ve all turned away from downloading an app for lack of time or storage space. A Google instant app allows us to try an app first – reducing the obstacles to adoption. Your users can simply click on a Google search result and immediately use your instant app service.
  1. Better User Experience. When a user taps on that link, they can access your app within few seconds. They can try out their desired feature in mobile mode, making it responsive and easy to use instantly.
  1. Improved User Retention. An instant app provides all of the necessary features of an app – but doesn’t require any storage and there are no website ads. They take the users straight to what they are interested in, and access to the functionality they need. It’s an ideal solution to the adoption quandary.

In other words, instant apps offer developers a whole new route to market – and one which is noticeably devoid of many of the obstacles that exist when downloading apps from a store. Investigate instant apps now: they’ll help you acquire more users.

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