That hero image looks beautiful; all that video content is really exciting. And your design? Just fizzing with visual flare. That means you have everything in place, right?

Wrong. Because, despite it all, when it comes to content text still reigns supreme.

That might make us sound a bit old-fashioned, a tad old-hat. But the truth is that the humble sentence remains an information super-nova: nothing has the same power to communicate your message.

Web design is full of great new ways to deliver content, and rightly so. Online, your customers will be demanding – they want to be surprised, entertained, excited. Video and podcasts and beautiful illustrations will do that.

But your users also want to be informed. And they will still return to text to achieve that.

The key, then, is not to over-emphasise the copy on your website – but also not to over-look it. Where you can, get a professional to write it. Make it snappy and compelling. And always leave a space for it on your site.

Like every other element of web design, though, keeping in mind a few rules of thumb about text will ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your investment.

Don’t just write the first thing that comes into your head – consider it as carefully as you do the visual aspects of your site. You’ll spend hours on colourways; spend some time on the copy, too. In fact, that brings us to rule number one …

Rule Number One: Keep Colour Simple

When it comes to typography, it’s best to keep colours simple. While it’s good to incorporate brand colour into the page, keep your text backgrounds simple and plain.

Rule Number Two: Keep Content Symmetrical

Copy can be as long as necessary, within reason. But, where you present the user with side-by-side content blocks, keep the content the same length and align them correctly. It’s also important to keep content balanced with illustrations, headers, and CTAs.

Rule Number Three: Use Shorter Paragraphs

Keep paragraphs to around five lines as a rough guideline. And don’t place too many paragraphs one after another. Breaking up text up can help users to maintain focus on your website.

Rule Number Four: Be Consistent

Just as you might top and tail video content with your logo, make sure your copy has a single voice: it should read as if your brand wrote it. Users will respond to words that weave a world.

There you have it: keep your content concise, consistent and compelling … and your user will not just read it all, but find it useful and convincing. In other words: copy converts customers. (See what we did there?)

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