“Content” can, for so simple a word, be a confusing term. We hear a lot about content marketing, content strategy, and content management – but what does this really mean? Put at its most basic, “content” is any material viewed by a user – images, interaction points, text. Content is consumed by customers in the process of accessing your service.

What is crucial when thinking about content, then, is its appropriateness. An image in its proper context, or a sentence properly written, will have a certain impact. Done poorly, on the other hand, content simply won’t do its job. Ensuring that content is properly delivered is what is known as content optimisation.

For example, in a shop, you may write “buy one, get one free”. How these words are delivered – in what typeface or colour, in what part of the shop, as a poster or banner – will affect how well the content will alter the behaviour of your shoppers. Optimising this particular piece of content will increase the number of people buying one of this particular item.

An app is no different. Paying close attention to your app’s content is critical – but can be overlooked in favour of focusing on operating systems or functionality. Don’t make this mistake! Optimise your apps content so that it is doing what it should, and enhancing your user’s experience of your app: hone your copy, place your images exactly, ensure that your content contributes. It shouldn’t just … sort of sit there.

Keep it clear and concise.

When it comes to copy, all the text in your app will be displayed on a smaller screen than the ones you wrote it on. So consider this: dial back the verbiage, condense your copy to provide only the important information. Words are too important to waste, and your users should be able to read the text without needing to zoom in.

Optimise interactions for touch screens.

Users often interact with elements using only one hand on mobile devices. That means it’s important to make the gestures your app requires intuitive – and crucial that you reduce the number of screens that users have to navigate through. Optimising content is about understanding users – tailor it to them, and how they experience your app.

Implement & Test.

This can’t be emphasised enough! If the best content is suited to the user, then the very best is tried and tested. Testing your content on multiple devices and screens – and with more than one user – enables you to ensure that everything is displaying as it should be. Content is only as good as your users’ ability to access it! Make sure everything work for everyone.

Fundamentally, your content is what will convert users into customers: well-chosen imagery and persuasive copy will, if optimised properly, lead your users to your calls to action and points of interaction. Good content makes a huge difference – don’t neglect its optimisation, and make sure your app talks the talk as well as walking the walk.

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