Web application development can be the key to unlocking hidden potential with your business. The systems and processes that power your business activity are, of course, governed by limitations of time, manpower, accessibility and other factors which limit the capacity of your staff to attain the productivity they might wish to. Web applications can really help them find easier, quicker routes to the information they need.

A web application is, simply put, a form of software which can run in a web browser. That means that anywhere your staff have access to the web they can, if your web application development is smart enough, access the tools and data necessary to get on with the job. From email to presentations, documents to analytics, web applications can offer a window into your business from wherever your staff might be.

Web Application Development and profitability

More efficient than a filing cabinet, and smoother than a Virtual Personal Network, mobile web application development is about providing businesses with online functionality that creates new and better ways of interfacing with core processes.

A web application might enable your marketing team to send out a large number of promotional SMS messages instantaneously; it might provide access to crucial business information which can be updated and managed centrally by managers; or it might rationalise supply chains and monitor new orders. Whatever the information, it will be accessible to every member of staff connected to the internet.

One of our clients, Hammonds Furniture, saw a huge rise in sales when they adopted a web application that logged new orders, and automated the booking of fitters to visit the customer’s property and install the furniture. This improved payments schedules and led to happier customers – simply because information was no longer ferried by staff between long distances and on pieces of paper.

Web Applications and your Business

Web application development is about creating collaborative environments in which your staff can share data more efficiently. Web applications also provide you the opportunity to monitor activity more carefully, and keep all staff updated with the latest news, regulations, and document versions.

Our Magpie app, for instance, provides roving salespeople and other out-of-the-office staff with a means of accessing the very latest literature from the business. This library is controlled at head office, and pushed out to the app on a regular basis – meaning no salesperson or representative will ever be under-informed again.

So how can web application development make your business more profitable? Simple: by making doing the job easier. Call us today to talk more about your business and web applications.

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