We get it when small business and start-up clients come to us worrying about web design cost.  We understand small businesses and we know the challenges they face.  Every penny counts, and might there be cheaper ways to build a website? We all know our business needs one … but what’s the most sensible spend?

We have a lot of thoughts about this. Let us explain.

What Sort of Website Do You Need?

 We all know a website is a must. But what sort of website? And what impact does that question have on our business decisions?

The simple answer to ‘what sort of website do I need?’ is: a good one. Your business will not get ahead if it cannot stand out from the crowd, and compete with … well, the competition. Cookie-cutter websites won’t give the best impression of your business to your new customers – who see many websites every day. You need to be unique.

Other than a strong identity, what else makes a good website in 2024? Usability, relevance and quality: a good website is one that is easy to navigate, has the information your audience needs, and offers crisp imagery and design that is appealing to the eye. None of this is easy to achieve without some know-how.

The Perils of DIY

Your website needs to attract, convert and retain customers for your new business – that’s a lot of boxes to tick.

And the temptation will be to try to tick them yourself. Web development for startups and small businesses comes with a price tag –  why not look to make savings and do it yourself?

Whilst it’s certainly true that  platforms exist that can make web design for small businesses affordable… think about what a ‘good’ website looks like. Can you  generate smooth navigation, great content and crisp visuals? Or will your site wind up offering products to customers who never click through?

Buy Once, Buy Well

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘buy once, buy well’ – it means that going cheaper can sometimes result in us having to make more purchases and: a small business may wind up spending more if it doesn’t build their website right first time.

Think about these questions, and ask yourself whether a little extra spent now will mean a lot less trouble – and expense – later:

  • Does your website express your identity fully? A cookie-cutter website may not help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Does it make a great first impression? If you’re using assets that do not look professional, you might be in trouble.
  • Is your website helping you build a brand? Web design for small businesses isn’t just about webpages – it’s about logos and fonts, colours and expressing your unique brand. 
  • Can your site convert? A lot of professional web design is about subtly ensuring your users take the actions you want them to while visiting. What are your calls to action? How can you achieve them? 
  • Does your site work on every device? This one is a biggie: it’s not a given that every site will work across every screen. And if it looks great on a laptop and terribly on a smartphone, you’ll lose custom.

There is no need to guess at all of this: professionals are here to help.

Choosing Your Small Business’s Web Design Agency

Our web development for small business services are geared to help you get started quickly. We know the answers to all of these questions, and we can build a site swiftly, on time and on-budget, that does all it needs to, from day one.

We know how people use websites, and where they need to see certain buttons and particular information. We understand what colours work best together, and how to make a page look great and convert customers. And we know how to ensure a site works all the time, and gets listed on Google and the other search engines. This is all second-nature to us – so we can save you time… and money.

In other words, we believe that hiring a web designer is better value than trying to do it yourself. A pro can give you expertise and peace of mind, solve technical issues before they become problems, and design your pages so that your customers are impressed by your business from the first click.

Our developers are trained to create bespoke wordpress and shopify websites that suit your brand and business, ensuring they convert users into customers. At ImagePlus we don’t use template websites that anyone can use, each and every site is made with custom code for functionality and design. 

Plus, a conversation with us is free – no cost attached. Drop us a line if you’re looking a bespoke website in WordPress, Shopify, or a custom back end. Our team are here to help every step of the way.


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