With the return of HBO’s huge TV hit Westworld to our screens, now might be an inopportune time to talk about artificial intelligence. In that series, set in our own near future, highly intelligent robots in an Old West-styled theme park break free of their programming and start to run amok, taking revenge on their previously callous human masters.

The good news is that Westworld is a work of fiction – and that, in real life, artificial intelligence is here to help rather than cause havoc.

AI has a particular application in mobile apps and mobile app marketing. Increasingly, the apps we download contain some element of AI – often to ensure that they are easier and more fun to use, and therefore encourage deeper and broader adoption. It’s time, then, that your own business considers how artificial intelligence can work for them – and we’re not talking android gunslingers.

Mobile app marketing will be increasingly powered by the big data capacities of artificial intelligence. AI can analyse log-ins and usage patterns extensively, meaning that your business intelligence on user groups and even individual users can be greatly enhanced – and this data can be used to better market your app technology.

It’s worth thinking in particular about three key areas.

Learning Purchasing Behaviours.

Using AI processing, you can maximise revenue from customers by understanding their needs better through enhanced data gathering and analysis. AI can automatically identify and flag particular users’ preferences and needs – meaning you can upsell to your current customers … and target messages at potential leads with greater confidence.

Automated Reasoning.

Apps can be programmed to have ‘human-like’ capabilities, essentially analysing the actions of users and providing rapid responses based on the data. Sat-nav systems which analyse traffic reports and suggest alternative routes to avoid queues is a great example; even predictive text learns how a user writes and begins to offer more accurate suggestions as time goes on. This can be hugely valuable in an app because it makes the software easier and easier to use over time – and the more convenient an app, the more a user will access it.

Providing Recommendations.

Learning algorithms can monitor the choices that your users make to arrive at a clearer picture of their likes and dislikes. You can use this information to provide more relevant recommendations to keep your users engaged. Amazon, of course, is the masters of this – “if you like X, you’ll love Y”; Netflix, too, comes to understand its user’s preferences, providing them more relevant content as a result. Knowing your customer just got easier.

In other words, those of touting AIs aren’t all cowboys – and it’s not out to get you. That, not the horrors of Westworld, is how artificial intelligence will affect mobile app marketing.

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