At ImagePlus, we’ve always believed in the power of collaboration. From the co-operation that powers the creativity among our team of developers and designers to the critical partnerships that exist between the team and our clients, exchange and dialogue are what make projects a success.

That’s why we’re so excited to be part of the 7Collective, a new collaborative project by a range of creative companies based here in Warwickshire, that has one aim: to harness the power of collaboration for the benefit of our clients.

The 7Collective is made up of – surprise! – seven marketing and communications companies, each of which has a different focus and skill-set. This means that clients of each member can benefit from accessing other capacities from their partner organisations.

From branding and design to event delivery, app development to marketing strategy, 7 Collective offers its members and their clients’ instant access to the complete range of complementary marketing services. Covering the full gamut from strategic, internal and public-facing communications, 7Collective really is a one-stop-shop.

At the same time, this senior-level expertise and these specialist services aren’t being offered by a huge agency that compromises on the sort of intimate, direct contact clients of each member will be used to. Delivered from the heart of the Midlands via each member organisation, 7Collective services offer the best of all worlds.

This is a new kind of marketing agency. It brings together experts from a range of backgrounds to collaborate on projects where helpful – but also ensures that our respective clients don’t need to worry about managing multiple agencies because everything will still go through their “home” agency.

Similarly, 7Collective offers a comprehensive, balanced suite of services from specialists in ever comms discipline, each with their own expertise and approach – but in scalable, flexible combinations that are always built around each client’s needs.

Essentially, 7Collective is a network each member can draw on as and when it can help clients – that’s you – to achieve their aims more effectively … and more efficiently.

The other members of 7Collective are 44, Sure Creative, BakerBaird Communications, Hot Source, BIG BLUE 8 and Pure Consultancy.

This year has been challenging for everyone – and the outlook will remain tough for a little while yet. That’s why 7Collective’s flexible and collaborative approach is so exciting: it offers a fantastic balance of service and value.

Our clients can now access specialist services in every realm of communications activity, all through us and all as and when they need it. We’re really pleased to be part of what I think is a genuinely innovative and beneficial new set of partnerships.

For more information about 7Collective, visit its brand-new website!

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