Late last year we were approached by the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum about a top secret project! It was so classified and confidential that they couldn’t even tell us what we’d be working on.

Once we were informed that the exhibit was for Dippy the Dinosaur to join us here in the midlands, we were excited beyond belief to be part of such a legendary project. Dippy will be a resident of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry for the next three years.

If you didn’t know, Dippy has been dubbed the nation’s favourite dinosaur. The iconic dinosaur was originally gifted to London’s National History Museum in 1905. The replica of the Pittsburgh skeleton toured the country from 2017 to 2023, with its own Twitter account journaling its travels.

We were tasked with designing and developing a bespoke ticketing system. A streamlined and efficient system which requires tickets to be booked in fifteen minute intervals, with three different ticket types and the option to donate.

Our resident Shopify expert, Romi, researched various digital solutions to meet our clients requirements. Once the foundation of the ticketing system had been built by our talented development team, we customised the website to include the amazing Dippy branding – we really enjoyed this project!

Fun Facts About Dippy

  • The full skeleton on display is 26 metres long and over 4 metres high, making it the longest recorded dinosaur 
  • There are theories that the Diplodocus may have been able to stand on 2 legs
  • Diplodocus carnegii lived during the Late Jurassic period
  • Dippy is a member of the sauropods who are related to theropods (birds). This means that Dippy has living relatives alive today.

A Huge Success

In the first month of the ticketing system being live, a whopping 19,000 tickets had been sold.

 We’ll keep you posted on how many tickets the exhibit sells over the next 3 years! 

If you’ve been considering a bespoke ticketing system for your business and you’d love phenomenal results like the one we’ve just shared, feel free to contact our team to discuss a digital solution tailored for your business needs.

Dippy is in Coventry for the next three years! If you’d like to visit the famous dinosaur then book your tickets here.

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