Co-working has always been at the heart of what we do at Image+. Conversation simply powers how we do things. We talk with our clients about their needs, and with each other about solutions. Working together is how we get stuff done – and achieve the best possible results.

So it makes all sorts of sense that we’ve extended this approach to co-operating with two other agencies. The fact that both of our new partners are based just hundreds of yards away from us just makes it an even bigger no-brainer.

Advent Communications and Jade Studio sit at the side of Coventry Canal just like we do. And we align in more ways than one: Advent is a PR and media agency, and Jade a graphic design firm. Their complementary skill-sets have obvious applications in our own work. When we first got talking with them we wondered why we hadn’t made the connection before!

The truth is that, despite having offices more or less next-door to each other, it took the local Chamber of Commerce to bring us together. Anyone who runs a business will know how important networking of this sort can be. In the thick of delivery, sometimes you really can miss great opportunities that are right under your nose.

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce’s “Trade Local” scheme is designed to bring the region’s firms together in smarter ways – and in our case, it’s done just that. At Image+, we’ve been going through a period of growth recently. We’ve always been a firm with a real commitment to our city, and being able to share our success with other local businesses is brilliant.

By working together, we’ve each instantly expanded the services and skills base we can offer all of our clients three-fold. From Advents communications expertise to Jade’s gorgeous designs, we know that Image+ clients will benefit hugely from this new relationship.

Adam, Advent’s MD, puts it particularly well: “When there is such knowledge, expertise and creativity on your doorstep, it’s absolutely ideal.” (He says the nicest things.)

It’s true that working with other companies can often be a pain if you’re not also co-located with them – there’s always a lag in communication. But with Advent and Jade, we can pop over to their office in a matter of seconds for a chat. And not just because they tend to have good biscuits.

In other words, local collaboration like this helps us serve our clients better. And good conversation with like-minded companies keeps us sharp, too. It’s a virtuous – and valuable – circle.

Want to know more? Give us a call – we can have a conversation.

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