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Our Apps Approach

We’re an app development company who like to approach apps a little differently. Our designers and developers work dynamically together to create seamless digital experiences that get real results. 

We form a deep understanding of your problems and those of your customer and get to grips with what you’re trying to achieve.  
We take this all the way through from conception to deployment in the Apple and Google Play store, so you seamlessly get an app that really delivers.

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Getting started 

A brilliant app begins with a deep understanding of the pain points and needs of your customer.

We’ll work together to tap into the important details that will make your app succeed, from user needs and business objectives to the right technical specifications. Our focus is always on value – for you and your customer.

We believe an app has the power to make your life not just easier, but better. 

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The UI / UX Design phase

This is where your ideas get turned into reality. We adopt a user-first approach to designing your app, incorporating everything you’ve learned so far and applying a lens of what will provide the best app experience.

Then we’ll design an interface and experience that will create the most, enjoyable, engaging and seamless experience for your audience, so they’ll want to integrate it into their daily life!

Our developers start with creating multiple user journeys, flow diagrams and wireframes to visualise the structure and navigation. Once agreed, we’ll bring in our brilliant team of designers turn to develop the colours, typography, icons and global design components to be used throughout the app.

 We can also create prototypes – static design screens with hotspot links that connect to the app’s navigation, so you can check you’re completely happy with how the app feels and behaves before we build. 

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Agile Development

Once we get to proof of concept, we move on to development. Our in-house team work dynamically with each other to learn, challenge and achieve the highest standards.

They also work on tasks in parallel to create greater efficiency and improve delivery timescales. As a client, you’ll get to review features at key milestones throughout and we always remain agile, strategic, and responsive.

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Everything we develop undertakes a peer-to-peer code review before being merged into the production code, so any mistakes are picked up before release.  

Our final test is a visual test on the app’s functionality – a UI and system test. We’ll collaborate with you at this phase to capture all feedback and review and make sure the app is functioning perfectly.

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Finally, we’ll manage every aspect of the release, from the upload, to approval and launch in the app stores of your choice. We’ll set up your storefront, make sure the app reaches Apple or Android, and check the branding is right. 

If it’s an internal business app, we can set it up for enterprise and private release. 

You just need to sit back and wait for the users to arrive!

Of course, our help doesn’t end there. We know apps need ongoing support, so our team are always accessible whenever you need them. 

An app is a big deal for any business, so we want you to be confident that we don’t just craft brilliant designs, but we’re here for the long-haul support too.

Like to know more about our approach? Drop us a line or give us a call. We’d love to chat.

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