Anything that incorporates the word ‘design’ can be read by some as being about looks alone: visual flair, a certain style, and aesthetic. But design isn’t a pretty façade – it’s a solid base. It doesn’t make bad things beautiful; it makes good things possible.

Design is, of course, about looking good. But it’s also about beinggood: great design makes things usable as well as attractive. This is as true of web design as it is furniture design: building a great website is all about designing a solid, high-performance platform for the rest of your marketing activity.

A beautiful website is an asset in itself: users will enjoy accessing it, will engage with it more regularly and for longer periods of time, and become loyal customers. The best website design, however, builds into these inherent advantages further capacity that can unlock additional synergies.

To take one example of how this works in practice, consider Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the suite of tools and techniques by which sites achieve better listings on Google, Yahoo! and the like. Success here is critical, of course, to increase a site’s audience and therefore its revenue.

A well-designed website will incorporate all the necessary elements to make a success of a strong SEO campaign: image alt tags and proper URL conventions, quick loading times and intuitive navigation tree. Even the code used can be reviewed by search engines and put towards a site’s page ranking.

In other words, professional web design makes good SEO performance possible. Any web marketing strategy worth it’s salt will incorporate SEO as a central plank, of course – and that makes design central to its success.

While SEO is underway – and success can take a while – pay per click campaigns can be a great stopgap. But design again comes into play here: fast loading speeds, mobile responsiveness, robust stability and clear content will all ensure that the people who click your ads arrive at a website that looks good to them and converts them quickly.

Funnelling users effectively is also a key aim of email marketing: links in the customised messages sent to subscribers will lead directly back to your website … and all the elements that are important for PPC campaigns stay true for email marketing, too. There are no short-cuts here!

In other words, good web design provides the robust, stable and engaging backdrop against which all of your other marketing to succeed. And that’s how professional web design can help with other marketing strategies.

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