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Instead of remembering and reporting which bay is home to which car, drivers scan in the VIN number, and our application recommends where to park the vehicle taking into account several factors including destination port. Not only that, but the app can monitor driver activity, making sure that workload is spread appropriately across each individual. The app knows where every bay is –and which are empty and when. It directs drivers automatically to the best bay for the vehicle they are driving and stores that new location. It’s revolutionised how the company handles those 1850 cars every day. – and made life easier on everyone.

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In our development stage we created an algorithm which follows around twenty rules such as time spent in the compound, priority vehicle, size, weight and destination. The algorithm calculator where the car should move within seconds of the driver scanning or requesting the information. It was important that the algorithm could tell the driver how to move cars efficiently by which car to move and where with the aim to minimise time spent on each move.


The system was created to accommodate for different scenarios that could occur such as damage, payments not made or route changes. This was to ensure that the vehicle would move smoothly throughout the process.


As there was a large amount of data being stored on the server we wanted to ensure that everything was running smoothly and as fast as possible. We achieved this by producing the application on a serverless environment, meaning that the server adapts to usage and adds ram on higher stress points when needed and lowering at quiet times such as the weekend. 


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