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The Brief

Our team of web designers and developers work continuously on the customer facing website, delivering new & used car campaigns, new websites features and integrations. The automotive industry is a fast paced one and we quite often have to work to short and last minute deadlines. While our experienced developers are working on technical projects, delivering new CMS features or adding new API integrations, our designers are working on digital assets for ongoing marketing campaigns.

The ultimate goal for Stellantis & You UK and for our team is to deliver a website that converts visitors into car sales. In order to do this, their website has to be cutting edge and ahead of the competition at all times.

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Website UI/ UX design

Most of the digital experience projects are started with research into the current website analytics, looking at page visits, heat maps and even A/ B testing. We then work with the marketing team to create wireframes which are based around this research. This allows us to quickly prototype new or existing pages and features of the website. From new landing pages to finance calculators, no two project are ever the same.

Then we get to work on the fun part, the UI! Adding that creative and innovative design to these features, that keeps the Stellantis & You UK website looking its best.

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Ongoing website support

We provide full-time design and development support for the Stellantis & You UK website. They set the budget and time they need and we provide resource from within our in-house team. We have daily stand-ups and catch-ups, so they are always in the loop with what our team are working on.

We pride ourselves on the service we deliver and love working alongside their team.

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Digital assets for adverts and socials

We also provide digital assets for the Stellantis & You UK website, Google Display Ads and social pages. These range from Facebook catalogues and carousels to new car offer banners for the main retail website.

The briefs for these assets are usually delivered at short notice, so we have to offer a reactive and quick turnaround on delivering these digital assets.


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