It sometimes feels like coffee – not money, oil or love – makes the world go round. Every single day, millions of us walk from meeting to meeting, or home to office, with a cup of the black gold in our hands. So ubiquitous is the daily cup of joe, in fact, that you might think there’s no room to disrupt the coffee model.

But there is.

A few months ago, our MD, Alan, became aware of a coffee truck paying a visit to Electric Wharf, where we have our Coventry offices. It was a great idea: a portable, high-quality coffee house, the truck made the regular coffee run a lot easier … no more getting in the car and coming back to the office with a tray full of drinks. You could simply stroll onto the car park and – presto! – a coffee house was suddenly there.

We were converted quickly. Really Awesome Coffee is a great company, and operates on a franchise basis – so it’s room for growth is huge, too. Alan discovered a catch, however, on a couple of occasions when he had to stand out in the rain to collect his java: a portable coffee house is great in clement weather … could technology help make it amazing all the time?

The answer, of course, is yes. Alan got talking to the guys at Really Awesome Coffee, and we started to put together an app for them. The idea was simple: users could register with their favourite truck or pod, and, when the vehicle is on its way to their location, they will receive a push notification promoting them to order and pay before the truck arrives. All they need do then is collect their coffees, rain or shine!

That’s going to be big for the company and its franchisees. Even now, in the first issue of our app for RAC, the business gets a lot: for example, automatic reporting for franchises – replacing a laborious manual process – which powers optimisation of stock levels and sales monitoring. For the customer, meanwhile, discounts and loyalty points can be earned and claimed.

So far, we’ve written 30,000 lines of code and spent 500 hours of development time on this app – and we’re still counting! All that work has creating an amazing tool for an exciting company, however – and it’s all come about just from Alan popping out to get some coffees.

We’re big believers at Apps Plus in the power of conversation. One day, we just got chatting with Really Awesome Coffee (yes, we did it over a coffee) … and now there’s an exciting new app in the marketplace doing wonders for the company and its customers.

See? Coffee makes the world go round after all …

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