The chatbots are among us, and they are of benefit to your business. Think more Lieutenant Commander Data than the Terminator, C-3P0 rather than an evil Decepticon. In fact, think more of that window that sometimes pops up on your competitor’s website, asking if you need any help. That’s a chatbot, and it’s here to stay.

A chatbot is a simple piece of software which is able to conduct a conversation with a human about a very specific topic and along relatively pre-defined lines. For example, a chatbot might be able to help a visitor to a website find the content they need, or the user of a mobile app solve a common technical problem.

Adds a Human-Like Touch

Of course, what this means is that chatbots add a human-like touch to your apps. Because they can engage in dialog, chatbots provide your customers with a sense of exchange and interaction that pre-defined messages simply don’t. This means they can complement your existing sales channels – and even form whole new ones. Chatting is natural to humans; give them the opportunity to do so and you’ll increase your conversion rate.

Increases User Engagement & Interaction

Likewise, chatbots can increase user engagement and interaction. Where a visitor to your site or someone who has just downloaded your app might give up within seconds should they experience a problem they cannot surmount, the presence of a chatbot will encourage them to hang around and fix the issue. This is crucial both to retaining users but also realising more information – and ultimately sales – from them. Chatbots make the user experience better, and that’s good for you.

Simplifies Processes

Not only that, but chatbots simplify processes by filtering out common difficulties and easily resolvable problems. This frees up your customer service and technical support personnel to deal with more complex issues, and do so in a more timely and efficient manner. In other words, chatbots can serve as a filter, helping all of your customers get things done more quickly.

Relatively Inexpensive to Implement

Finally, and this is the best news, chatbots are relatively inexpensive to build. They are straightforward pieces of software that can be programmed quite easily with the correct know-how – and this gives them a very high return on investment index.

Chatbots are inexpensive, intuitive and efficient – and they also work very similarly to some of the most popular apps available today: messenger apps.  Chatbots are going to become more and more commonly used for all of these reasons. Their benefit to your business is clear – so why not get in touch with us today about building your own?

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