Whether it is time to upgrade your web hosting may not seem like as exciting a question as which colour to use on your homepage, or what exciting functionality you can provide to your users. The truth, however, is that web hosting is what can help make the most of all those other choices.

“Web hosting” is the term we use for the infrastructure which powers a website. The computers – or servers – on which your website’s files are stored will, like any other piece of hardware, have their own specifications and capacity. Those attributes will, in turn, affect how well your website, and all its associated functions, operate.

So, is it time to upgrade your web hosting? Well. Ask yourself these questions:

Does your website have slow site speeds?

You – and most importantly your visitors – don’t have to put up with slow site speeds. In fact, your users almost certainly won’t, and they’ll go elsewhere. Slow site speeds are usually a sign of a problem with the web hosting associated with a site; don’t lose your customers – lose your hosting provider.

Do you share a server with other websites?

Lots of lower-end hosting providers squeeze a score of sites onto the same hosting platform – this is good for them since it maximises their resources, but not for you. Sharing a server with other sites means that you can’t control your level of service as well – a spike for another site, and maybe one of your competitors, will mean slower speeds for you.

What’s the reputation of your host?

This one might sound strange, but some hosting providers have a poor reputation – and that impacts upon you. That’s not just about word of mouth about their customer service: poor hosting providers often wind up on blacklists for one reason or another, and that can mean your emails don’t get through when they should. Choose a host that’s known and respected.

Does your website slow down during peak times?

The more people accessing your site, the harder your server has to work … and, if it wasn’t particularly good to begin with, that extra stress will send it crashing down. If you’re noticing slower responses during periods of peak traffic, it’s a good sign that your server isn’t working as well for you anymore.

If asking any of these questions leads you to question your current provider, drop us a line for a chat about our web hosting packages – you might expect us to say this, but they’re top drawer. Not sure about your servers? Well, then: is it time to upgrade your web hosting?

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