No single website, of course, is precisely the same. Each site has a different purpose and a different audience, and that means that each need to be different if they are to be a success.

In business, the separation between a website for a large corporate or a small enterprise can be small … but it can also be great. Most obviously, usually (though not always) a large corporation will have more content to share than a small business. But there will also be differences in tone and functionality which can make a big difference.

Web design is the art of communicating character – and encouraging conversions – through digital displays. No website, then, should come out of a cookie cutter. Instead, it should be carefully calibrated to the precise needs of the company to which it belongs.

So what are some good tips and advice for small business website design? Why, we’re glad you asked. Because, well, that’s what this blog is about.

Add Personal Photos.

Small businesses typically work on the local level and have a smaller team. This is a positive – it makes you accessible to your audience and gives you the opportunity to let a real personality show through.

When there’s not many of you, team photos can really improve the perception of your company and make it appear both professional and open. Adding a personal touch to your web design makes it unique. A corporate can’t list its many employees – take the opportunity to do what they can’t!

Add Product Photos.

Let that individual character bleed through to your product photos, too. Consider even a mix of personal photos and more polished product and service-oriented photos: that hybrid approach tends to work best for small business websites because it can again encourage a very personal buy-in from your audience.

Show off your previous work or products, and let them appear in “real” contexts. These bespoke, specific images are far more valuable than any stock photo.

Add Contact Details.

You’re small – that means your customers can get in touch easily. Make that a virtue! The importance of contact details is paramount. Small businesses often get work through referrals and searches on the internet, so it’s important that people can contact you easily.

It’s a good idea, too, to list the various ways people can reach you – such as email, phone, or even your physical address. Don’t just give people an email form. Let them engage with you.

Clarify the Homepage.

As a small business, which may not yet have full brand recognition, you want people to be able to understand what you do and how you can help. Don’t assume your audience know exactly who you are and what you do – fill in the gaps for them. The key is to clarify the intent of your business so visitors have a better experience of your site – and then your services.

In other words, keep your website as close to you as possible. People like dealing with businesses they can get to know – so let them in. Keep it clean and keep it personal: those are the best tips and advice for small business website design.

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