Retail apps allow users to order and pay for the products they need whilst on the go. From Amazon to the Apple Store, companies offer retail apps to expand their customer base, enhance the experience of those users, and improve them own data gathering.

According to Internet Retailer, in 2016 retailers increased their web sales by 16.8%. A lot of that growth has been driven by apps: comScore suggests that nearly 60% of mobile shoppers in the UK made those purchases using mobile applications.

Most interestingly, a report by the Application Resource Centre lists the features users most want to see in their retail apps – and also suggests what the future might look like for retailers looking to make the most of this technology.

From our perspective, you can distil five key design “musts” for retail apps from all this – features your retail app must include if it is going to win users and then retain their loyalty.

1.Filtering and sorting are essential. Users expect to be able to find the products they want easily, elegantly and intuitively. Search is important here, of course, but so too is providing a set of tools that can be applied to the search results in order to render them most useful to a given user.

2. Personalised experiences, then, are key. This might involve displaying information to logged-in users which are based on their previous activity; it might mean sending in-app “push notifications” to particular users related to deals or sale events relevant to them.

3.Detailed product pages make the most of all this engagement. Design each product’s page carefully: include the widest possible range of information and media about a product in order to arm a customer with the information they need to make a purchase.

4.Keep it simple. From uniform and well-structured product pages to straight-forward transaction flows and short check-out procedures, mobile retail apps need to be transparent and intuitive, uncluttered and usable. Anything which confuses or clutters is an obstacle to a sale. Be ruthless with your content.

5.Location, location. Increasingly, the future of retail apps is in geo-services: so many of us now have so many retail apps on our phone that location-based tools such as Google Nearby may well represent the future of retail online – convenience is all.

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